Solution-oriented Business Model

Transparent Consultation

We appreciate your unique requirements and start our work with understanding your needs and expectations. At ARMH we believe serving clients is a journey, throughout which we ensure a great and rewarding experience for you.

By analyzing your requirements, our seasoned consultants will provide you with a solution, a package that meets all your needs and satisfies your expectations. Such package includes all or some of the following:

  • market conditions
  • laws and regulations
  • business opportunities
  • university and educational opportunities
  • real estate purchase, lease, and management options
  • financing scenarios, and
  • interior design and upgrade options.

We strongly believe in business transparency. ARMH provides you with all the relevant information and gives the best advice to you. This will make it easier for you to make the right decision with confidence and peace of mind.

One-stop Shop

We guarantee a seamless experience when you choose ARMH as your trusted consultant in Turkey. All your requirements will be handled from a single point. We will be accompanying you in every step of the journey.


Our banking partners will provide you with available mortgage information, at competitive rates exclusive to ARMH clients. For business clients, attractive financing and investment opportunities will be presented.


To safeguard your rights and ensure your peace of mind, our legal advisors will provide you with all the information for personal or business needs in Turkey.

Our legal consultants will also provide you with the latest information on obtaining and renewing residency visa in Turkey whether you are a:

  • property purchaser
  • business owner
  • tourist, or
  • student.


To further your peace of mind, our insurance partners will advise you of the best packages available to protect your assets in Turkey. There are attractive insurance packages for homebuyers, business owners, investors, and travelers.

VIP Services

To perfect your experience with ARMH, the following services are available to our valued clients:

  • Limousine Service
  • City and Property Tours, and
  • Business Tours.

Investment Solutions

Real estate is one of the safer and more lucrative options when it comes to investing your hard-earned money. Turkish market, in particular, offers great return on investment while posing little to no risk to your investments.

Our investment specialists will design the most suitable solution for your investment needs, including but not limited to:

  • single-unit properties for resale and rent
  • multi-unit properties for resale and rent
  • real estate development opportunities of any scale, and
  • guaranteed and non-guaranteed investment funds.

Real Estate Development Solutions

ARMH team has more than 12 years of experience in acquiring land, developing, marketing, and sales of real estate projects. Our architects, designers, project managers, and consultants work closely with investors and clients to deliver on ARMH promise to the best of their ability.

We welcome your interest in collaboration in all aspects of real estate development. Simply ask your ARMH consultant for more information.

International Team of Consultants

Our team comes with years of proven experience in:

  • real estate development, marketing, and sales
  • civil engineering and architecture
  • interior design and improvement
  • business development
  • project management, and
  • customer service.

ARMH has active consultants in North America, Europe, and Middle East.
We speak English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Farsi, Azeri and Arabic, in addition to Turkish.

Contact us today for a friendly chat and complementary consultation.

Turkey: +90 242 528 4057
UK: +44 207 341 7747
Sweden: +46 73 530 4843
Denmark: +45 40 98 6130, +45 40 98 6320
Iran: +98 21 821 72 122
Canada: +1 604 761 2995